Download Hamilton The Revolution by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy McCarter

Hamilton The Revolution by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy McCarter
Hamilton The Revolution by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy McCarter -Lin-Manuel Miranda's groundbreaking musical Hamilton is as revolutionary as its subject, the poor kid from the Caribbean who fought the British, defended the Constitution, and helped to found the United States. Fusing hip-hop, pop, R&B, and the best traditions of theater, this once-in-a-generation show broadens the sound of Broadway, reveals the storytelling power of rap, and claims our country's origins for a diverse new generation. Lin-Manuel Miranda (born January 16, 1980) is an American composer, lyricist, librettist, rapper, and actor best known for creating and starring in the Broadway musicals In the Heights and Hamilton. Miranda wrote the music and lyrics for the musical In the Heights, which opened on Broadway at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in March 2008. Miranda's written work for the show earned him numerous accolades, including the 2008 Tony Award for Best Original Score and the 2009 Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album. Further, Miranda's performance in the show's lead role of Usnavi earned him a nomination for the Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical.

Download Hamilton The Revolution by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy McCarter

Miranda is currently performing on Broadway in the lead role of Alexander Hamilton in Hamilton, a musical for which he wrote the book, music and lyrics and which earned the 2016 Grammy for Best Musical Theater Album and the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Drama. Miranda is a 2015 recipient of the MacArthur "Genius" Award On April 12, 2016, Miranda and Jeremy McCarter's book, Hamilton: The Revolution, was released. The book is 285 pages long and details Hamilton's journey from an idea to a successful Broadway musical. It includes an inside look at not only Hamilton's revolution, but the cultural revolution that permeates the show. It also has footnotes from Miranda and behind-the-scene glimpses of the show.

HAMILTON THE REVOLUTION gives readers an unprecedented view of both revolutions, from the only two writers able to provide it. Miranda, along with Jeremy McCarter, a cultural critic and theater artist who was involved in the project from its earliest stages--"since before this was even a show," according to Miranda--traces its development from an improbable perfor­mance at the White House to its landmark opening night on Broadway six years later. In addition, Miranda has written more than 200 funny, revealing footnotes for his award-winning libretto, the full text of Hamilton The Revolution by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy McCarter

Download Hamilton The Revolution by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy McCarter
Their account features photos by the renowned Frank Ockenfels and veteran Broadway photographer, Joan Marcus; exclusive looks at notebooks and emails; interviews with Questlove, Stephen Sond­heim, leading political commentators, and more than 50 people involved with the production; and multiple appearances by Presi­dent Obama himself. The book does more than tell the surprising story of how a Broadway musical became a national phenomenon: It demonstrates that America has always been renewed by the brash upstarts and brilliant outsiders, the men and women who don't throw away their shot. Miranda married Vanessa Adriana Nadal, a high school friend, in 2010. At the wedding reception, Miranda, along with the engagement party, presented a group rendition of the Fiddler on the Roof song "To Life". The video was posted on YouTube, where it has been viewed more than four million times. Nadal is a litigation associate at the global law firm Jones Day.

Miranda received an honorary degree from Yeshiva University, along with his lifelong friend Johannah Ward, during its May 14, 2009 graduation ceremony. He is the youngest person to receive an honorary degree from Yeshiva University. In the Heights is based in the upper Manhattan community of Washington Heights, also home to Yeshiva's campus. Ed Koch, former mayor of New York City, presented Miranda with the degree and remarked about first meeting him when Miranda was seven years old. Miranda and Nadal's son Sebastian was born on November 10, 2014. According to an interview with Maximum Fun podcast Can I Pet Your Dog?, Miranda has a dog named "Tobi" or "Tobillo" from the Dominican Republic.

Download Hamilton The Revolution by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy McCarter

In 2015, Miranda was honored as a recipient of the MacArthur "Genius" Award, is a prize awarded annually by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation typically to between 20 and 30 individuals, working in any field, who have shown "extraordinary originality and dedication in their creative pursuits and a marked capacity for self-direction" and are citizens or residents of the United States. In March 2016, a day after a meeting at the White House with President Barack Obama, Miranda joined New York Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand and Charles Schumer, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and other Democratic lawmakers to call for congressional action to back a Senate bill in Washington that would allow Puerto Rico to declare bankruptcy and significantly ease its $70 billion debt burden

Download Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Parts I & II Special Rehearsal Edition

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Parts I & II Special Rehearsal Edition
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Parts I & II (Special Rehearsal Edition) The Official Script Book of the Original West End Production Hardcover - Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is an upcoming two-part West End stage play and a book written by Jack Thorne and based on a story by author J. K. Rowling, Thorne and director John Tiffany. The play is scheduled to open on 30 July 2016 at the Palace Theatre, London, England, and will feature Rowling collaborating with an experienced team to bring the production to the stage. The play is set nineteen years after the ending of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and follows Harry Potter, now a Ministry of Magic employee, and his youngest son Albus Severus Potter.
Based on an original new story by J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany, a new play by Jack Thorne, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is the eighth story in the Harry Potter series and the first official Harry Potter story to be presented on stage. The play will receive its world premiere in London’s West End on July 30, 2016.

Download Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Parts I & II Special Rehearsal Edition

It was always difficult being Harry Potter and it isn’t much easier now that he is an overworked employee of the Ministry of Magic, a husband and father of three school-age children.

While Harry grapples with a past that refuses to stay where it belongs, his youngest son Albus must struggle with the weight of a family legacy he never wanted. As past and present fuse ominously, both father and son learn the uncomfortable truth: sometimes, darkness comes from unexpected places.

Download Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Parts I & II Special Rehearsal Edition
In December 2013, it was revealed that a stage play based on Harry Potter had been in development for around a year, with the view to bringing it to the stage sometime in 2016. Created by J.K. Rowling, the Harry Potter series spans seven novels, selling more than 450 million copies, and was turned into an eight-part film series, which grossed more than £4.4 billion around the world. In addition, theme park attractions such as the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and studio tours of the sets used in the films have opened based around the series. At the time of the announcement, Rowling revealed that the play would “explore the previously untold story of Harry’s early years as an orphan and outcast”. The following May, Rowling began establishing the creative team for the project.

On 26 June 2015, the project was officially confirmed under the title of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and it was revealed it would receive its world premiere in mid-2016 at London's Palace Theatre. The announcement marked the eighteenth anniversary of the publication of the first Harry Potter novel, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, published on 26 June 1997.

On announcing plans for the project, Rowling stated that the play would not be a prequel. In response to queries regarding the choice of a play rather than a new novel, Rowling has stated that she “is confident that when audiences see the play they will agree that it is the only proper medium for the story”. Rowling has also assured audiences that the play will contain an entirely new story and will not be a rehashing of previously explored content. On 24 September 2015, Rowling announced that the play had been split into two parts. The parts are designed to be viewed on the same day or consecutively over two evenings. The decision to split the story into two plays was described as "milking cash-cows" by The Spectator, which complained that "fans have to buy two tickets to ensure they get the full story."

On 23 October, it was confirmed the plays were set nineteen years after the conclusion of the final novel Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and would open at London's Palace Theatre in July 2016. The play principally follows Harry, now a Ministry of Magic employee, and his youngest son Albus Severus Potter. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is written by British playwright Jack Thorne,based on an original story by J. K. Rowling, Thorne and John Tiffany. The play is directed by Tiffany, with choreography by Steven Hoggett, set design by Christine Jones, costume design by Katrina Lindsay, lighting design by Neil Austin, music by Imogen Heap, and sound design by Gareth Fry. In addition, special effects will be created by Jeremy Chernick, with illusions by Jamie Harrison, and musical supervision by Martin Lowe.

The show's premiere production is scheduled to begin previews at the West End's Palace Theatre, London on 7 June 2016, with the official opening night for both parts on 30 July, booking until 18 September 2016. Tickets went on sale to pre-registered priority bookers on 28 October 2015, with a public sale scheduled to commence on 30 October. In just under 8 hours of priority booking 175,000 tickets were sold for the world premiere production, with the plays booking period extended to January 2017. On commencement of the public sale booking was extended until 30 April 2017, with a further extension issued the same day to 27 May 2017. At opening tickets were priced from £30 up to £130 for a ticket for both parts, although ticket resale agencies were selling seats for up to £3,000. Ticket resale has been banned by the producers, with tickets no longer valid if sold on. The play is recommended for ages 10 and up.

Download Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Parts I & II Special Rehearsal Edition

On 20 December 2015, initial casting was announced with Jamie Parker playing Harry Potter, Noma Dumezweni playing Hermione Granger and Paul Thornley playing Ron Weasley. Some fans were surprised that a dark-skinned, Swaziland-born Noma Dumezweni was cast as Hermione, sparking fervent online discussion. In response, Rowling said that Hermione's skin was never specified as having been white.[19][47] The production features an overall cast of 42.

Set up iPhone 7 Manual Guide

Set up iPhone

WARNING: To avoid injury, read Important safety information before using iPhone.

You can set up iPhone over a Wi-Fi network, or over your carrier’s cellular network (not available in all areas). Or connect iPhone to your computer and use iTunes to set up iPhone (see Connect iPhone to your computer).

Set up iPhone 7

Set up iPhone 7 Manual Guide

Set up iPhone. Turn on iPhone, then follow the setup assistant.

Setup Assistant steps you through the process, including:

  •     Connecting to a Wi-Fi network
  •     Activating iPhone with your carrier
  •     Enabling location services
  •     Setting up a passcode and Touch ID
  •     Restoring data from a backup or another device (if applicable)
  •     Signing in with your Apple ID to enable iCloud, Apple Music, the App Store, and more
  •     Enrolling in two-factor authentication (if applicable)
  •     Setting up Apple Pay
  •     Setting up iCloud Keychain
  •     Enabling Siri
  •     Choosing display zoom (if applicable)

You can also restore iPhone from an iCloud or iTunes backup or migrate from an Android device during setup. See Back up iPhone.

iPhone 7 Note:
Find My iPhone is turned on when you sign in with your Apple ID during setup. Activation Lock is engaged to help prevent anyone else from activating your iPhone, even if it is completely restored. Before you sell or give away your iPhone, you should reset it to erase your personal content and turn off Activation Lock. See Sell or give away iPhone.

Some carriers let you unlock iPhone for use with their network. To see if your carrier offers this option, see Contact your carrier for authorization and setup information. You need to connect iPhone to iTunes to complete the process to Set up iPhone 7 with Manual Guide

iPhone 7 : How To Setting Wifi Apple iPhone 7

Connect to Wi-Fi

If the Wi-Fi icon appears at the top of the screen, you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network. iPhone reconnects anytime you return to the same location.

Configure Wi-Fi

Go to Settings > Wi-Fi, then turn Wi-Fi on or off.
(You can also turn Wi-Fi the Wi-Fi icon on or off in Control Center.)

iPhone 7 Setting Wifi

  • Choose a network: Tap one of the listed networks, then enter the password, if asked.
  • Ask to join networks: Turn on Ask to Join Networks to be notified when a Wi-Fi network is available. Otherwise, you must manually join a network when a previously used network isn’t available.
  • Join a closed Wi-Fi network: Tap Other, then enter the name of the closed network. You need to know the network name, security type, and password.
  • Adjust the settings for a Wi-Fi network: Tap the more info button next to a network. You can set an HTTP proxy, define static network settings, turn on BootP, or renew the settings provided by a DHCP server.
  •  Forget a network: Tap the more info button next to a network you’ve joined before, then tap Forget this Network.

Set up your iPhone 7 own Wi-Fi network.

If you have an unconfigured AirPort base station turned on and within range, you can use iPhone to set it up. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and look for Set up an AirPort base station. Tap your base station and Setup Assistant will do the rest.

iPhone 7 Manage an AirPort network.

If  iPhone 7 is connected to an AirPort base station, go to Settings > Wi-Fi, tap the more info button next to the network name, then tap Manage This Network.
If you haven’t yet downloaded AirPort Utility, tap OK to open the App Store, then download it.

iPad Air 3 User Guide

Read iPad Air 3 User Guide release date iPad Air 3 news rumors and tutorial here, learn how to setup iPhone iPad Air 3,  reviews specs price, you can download iPad Air 3 manual pdf here.

iPad Air 3 User Guide

That’s what we feel when we talk about the new Apple iPhone. Every new release always be a hot topic. We are curiously waiting for the new iPhone, like iPhone 7 User Guide  could it be iPad Air 3 or maybe it will have different name, no one really knows about it. Everything about iPad Air 3 Release Date, News and Rumors now becomes a trending topic for almost all people, especially for some of them who love iPhone. We all have many expectations about how the new iPhone looks like, its specs, new features, and many more. And don't worry if you have an Android OS you can Move Android to iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Read online iPad Air 3 User Guide

iPhone 7 User Guide

iPhone 7 User Guide, Manual PDF & Tutorial

iPhone 7 User Guide
Read iPhone 7 user guide release date news rumors and tutorial here, learn how to setup iPhone 7,  reviews specs price, you can download iPhone 7 manual pdf here. Hotter and hotter, that’s what we feel when we talk about the new Apple iPhone. Every new release always be a hot topic. We are curiously waiting for the new iPhone, could it be iPhone 7 or maybe it will have different name, no one really knows about it. Everything about iPhone 7 Release Date, News and Rumors now becomes a trending topic for almost all people, especially for some of them who love iPhone. We all have many expectations about how the new iPhone looks like, its specs, new features, and many more. Is there any of you people imagine about a new iPhone will show up with? We all round up about it curiously.

iPhone 7 rumors: what is it going to be?

This is what some people may be thinking of right now, about what is the new iPhone going to be? Is it going to be iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, or maybe another name? we can take a flash back for a while about the history of iPhone, starting with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, and iPhone 6. It makes some speculations about the new iPhone’s name, probably the next iPhone will be called as the iPhone 6S and not iPhone 7.  Somehow, we’ll see what it is going to really be. Apple has made some surprising name over the past two years when releasing their new iPhone named iPhone 5C alongside the iPhone 5S in 2013, and iPhone 6 Plus alongside the iPhone 6 in 2014. No matter what, name is not everything. there a fact that there’s some report that emerged in mid-April suggest that the next iPhone that Apple has decided the iPhone 6s name doesn’t fit, and instead will launch an iPhone 7 this autumn.
The latest rumors about the new iPhone 6S/ iPhone 7 release date

We’re sure to see a next-generation iPhone this year. We round up the evidence to bring you everything there is to know about the new iPhone so far. What new features can we expect in the new iPhone? When will the new iPhone come out? What we can tell you is: stay up to date with our next update about the new iPhone. We’re here gathering all we can bring to you: iPhone 7 details, clues, hints and rumors.

Specs of iPhone 7, speculations in the new iPhone:


There’s a speculation about the screen size of the new iPhone which is going to in 4.7 inch, or even narrower or larger. Many expectations of people out there of the new iPhone screen to be a little bit narrower so that it is fit to their hand, but hopefully it comes with higher resolutions. Somehow, that’s only rumors. We all expects the best of new iPhone looks like, possibly 4.7 inch is the best screen size it can be, and there a possibility of the new resolution at about 1920 x 1080 pixel with 401 ppi. The material of the screen could be the Sapphire Glass with impact and stretch protections.
iPhone 7 dimension

There’s a speculation about the new iPhone 7, it is going to be thinner and lighter. It possible 6.1 mm, 1 mm thinner than iPhone 6 Plus and 0.8 mm thinner than iPhone 6, and 114 grams.

iPhone 5 camera resolution was the same as its in iPhone 6, 8 MP. What about iPhone 7? As we know, the competitors mostly have camera resolution 16 MP. Likely Apple is going to use different sensor, and the rumors has it is going to be 12 MP for it resolution, and 5 MP for the front camera.

The previous iPhone used internal memory 16 GB to 128 GB. The new iPhone 7 is going to have the lowest memory level 32 GB, and it is the real reason for its price to be more expensive. RAM 5 GB in which some competitors uses 4GB.
Chipset and Graphic

Apple iPhone 6 used Apple A8 dual-core and speec 1.4 GH. For the new iPhone it is about A10 and 4 core. Quad-core graphic processing unit and PowerVR GX6450 is the possible chip for the new iPhone chip.
Operating system and new features of iPhone 7

So far, Apple iPhone 6 has iOS8 and its update 8.3. iPhone 7 is preparing to use the new iOS9 with some new features specially for saving battery life.
Wireless charging

This is what people are really waiting for, the wireless charging technology. The people wonder about the dock for wireless charging will be included in the box or customers should buy it separately, it is in question because charger wire is still provided.
Stereo Audio

iPhone 7 is going to have HiFi audio stereo with 2 speakers at the top and bottom edge. This feature is going to automatically activated when the position of the phone is horizontal.

Well, that’s all about iPhone 7 Release Date, News and Rumors. As we mentioned that we all are waiting for the official release news from the Apple about the iPhone release date, its specs and features, and also its performance and appearance. Anyhow, we are trying to give anything we have about any update related with the new iPhone. Thanks for your visits and please stay up to date with our next article.

iPhone 7 User Guide

If you are new with your iPhone 7 please browse iPhone 7 user guide on this page to know more about your new devices beginner’s guide, setup guide, the features, reviews, tips tricks and news update about iPhone 7 please explore this website via this sitemap page. To know the basic functions of your iPhone, please see the user manual pdf below.
iPhone 7 User Manual PDF

You can read online or download iPhone 7 manual PDF on , user manual PDF will be available when released from the official site of Apple

iPhone 7 User Guide

The Fully Raw Diet: 21 Days to Better Health, with Meal and Exercise Plans, Tips, and 75 Recipes

The Fully Raw Diet: 21 Days to Better Health, with Meal and Exercise Plans, Tips, and 75 Recipes

The must-have book for FullyRaw fans or anyone who wants to explore a raw-foods vegan diet to lose weight, gain energy, and improve overall health and wellness

 The Fully Raw Diet offers a 21-day plan to help people enjoy a clean, plant-based, healthful approach to eating.
Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram transformed her own health by eating vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds—100% fresh, raw, and ripe—and she is now the vivacious, uber-healthy founder of the FullyRaw brand. Her ten-year success with this lifestyle inspires thousands via social media, and her 21-day 

FullyRaw Video Challenge on YouTube in 2014 dramatically grew her fan base. This book shares her advice and will correspond to a new video challenge, with meal and exercise tips, recipes, and vivid photos. Fans will love the smoothies, salads, main dishes, and desserts, such as Lemon-Ginger Blast, Spicy Mango Basil Salad, Yellow Squash Fettuccine Alfredo, Melon Pops, and Caramel-Apple Cups.

When Breath Becomes Air Paul Kalanithi

When Breath Becomes Air Paul Kalanithi

At the age of thirty-six, on the verge of completing a decade’s training as a neurosurgeon, Paul Kalanithi was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. One day he was a doctor treating the dying, the next he was a patient struggling to live.

When Breath Becomes Air chronicles Kalanithi’s transformation from a medical student asking what makes a virtuous and meaningful life into a neurosurgeon working in the core of human identity – the brain – and finally into a patient and a new father.

What makes life worth living in the face of death? What do you do when when life is catastrophically interrupted? What does it mean to have a child as your own life fades away?

Paul Kalanithi died while working on this profoundly moving book, yet his words live on as a guide to us all. When Breath Becomes Air is a life-affirming reflection on facing our mortality and on the relationship between doctor and patient, from a gifted writer who became both.

The "Publication Manual" of the american psychological association

The "Publication Manual" of the american psychological association

The "Publication Manual" is the style manual of choice for writers, editors, students, and educators. Although it is specifically designed to help writers in the behavioral sciences and social sciences, anyone who writes non-fiction prose can benefit from its guidance. 

Follow the link to  iPhone 7 Manual

The newly-revised Sixth Edition has not only been rewritten. It has also been thoroughly rethought and reorganized, making it the most user-friendly "Publication Manual" the APA has ever produced. You will be able to find answers to your questions faster than ever before. 

When you need advice on how to present information, including text, data, and graphics, for publication in any type of format--such as college and university papers, professional journals, presentations for colleagues, and online publication--you will find the advice you're looking for in the "Publication Manual."

The Shred Power Cleanse

The Shred Power Cleanse

Dr. Ian is answering Shredder Nation's call for a short-term, fast-acting cleanse that will help you reset and power through to your new weight loss goal!

The SHRED Power Cleanse takes the classic detox plan to a new level. You won't find any fiberless, anemic juices on this regimen! Dr. Ian lays out each day of the two-week program, giving you everything you need to jump-start BIG change:

- More than 50 smoothie recipes built to boost your immunity and maintain your protein and fiber intake, including Dr. Ian's signature Purple Power Cleanse smoothie
- Fresh salads and other clean foods to fill you up and keep your energy level high
- Detoxifying exercise regiments for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels
- A Weekend Power Tune-up bonus, designed to keep you on track long after the two weeks of the cleanse are up and all some Shred Cleansers will need.

The SHRED Power Cleanse will keep you satisfied, clear your mind, and leave you several pounds lighter.




  • 1,250+ must-know topics provide a complete framework for your Step 1 preparation

  • Test-taking advice with focus on high-efficiency studying

  • Updated in all subject areas based on feedback from thousands of students

  • Extensive faculty review process with nationally known USMLE instructors

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  • Expanded guide to top-rated study resources, including mobile apps

  • Free real-time updates and corrections at
Trust 25+ years of experience for the most effective USMLE Step 1 preparation possible

The Perfect Weapon 2016

The Perfect Weapon 2016

The Perfect Weapon 2016 There are plenty of mercenaries, spies, and guns for hire in the galaxy. But probably none as dangerous and determined as Bazine Netal. A master of disguise – and lethal with a blade, a blaster, or bare handed – she learned from the best. Now it’s her turn to be the teacher – even if schooling an eager but inexperienced recruit in the tricks of her trade is the last thing she wants to do. But it’s the only way to score the ship she needs to pull off her latest job.

Download The Perfect Weapon 2016

Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens with this exclusive ebook short story set shortly before the events of the film, featuring a quick-witted mercenary who takes big risks for bigger rewards – and now faces the challenge that will take her to the edge.

An anonymous client has hired Bazine to track down an ex-stormtrooper and recover the mysterious package he’s safeguarding. Payment for the mission promises to be astronomical, but the obstacles facing Bazine will prove to be formidable. And though her eager new sidekick has cyber skills crucial to the mission, only Bazine’s razor-sharp talents will mean the difference between success or failure – and life or death.

The Perfect Weapon is a 1991 action-martial arts film starring acting newcomer Jeff Speakman.
Set in Los Angeles, the film relates the story of a young man, Jeff, who is trained in the martial art of Kenpō, and his fight against the Korean Mafia families. Speakman was a student of and was advised closely by Ed Parker in the making of this film. The film's taglines included "No gun. No knife. No equal." and "Just try him." and is the only well-known Hollywood depiction of Kenpo techniques on-screen. The hit 1990s song The Power by rap group Snap! is featured extensively in the movie's soundtrack. When Jeff lost his mother as a teenager, he became an outcast and frequently lashed out at his family and society in an attempt to assuage his anger. His father, Captain Sanders (Beau Starr), gained the idea from a mutual friend, Kim (Mako), to enroll Jeff in a Kenpō school to better manage his rage and feelings. But one day, he got into a fight with a bully who beat up his younger brother, and severely injured him with his martial arts. Displeased with his lack of self-control, Jeff's father forced him to move out of home. Jeff, now estranged from his family and living alone, continued with his courses in Kenpo and eventually gained Kim as a mentor and father figure.

Download here The Perfect Weapon 2016 PDF. Years later (as the movie begins) Jeff decides to return to his old neighborhood and visit his mentor Kim when he detects that Kim is in danger. Jeff discovers that Kim is having trouble with local Korean mafia families, due to his refusal to pay them off and use his antique store to peddle drugs. Jeff helps out Kim by beating up the people who attacked his store, but only ends up doing more harm than good to Kim's reputation with the mafia, and this ultimately ends up having Kim murdered by an anonymous hit-man, Tanaka (Professor Toru Tanaka).
Jeff vows to avenge Kim's death, and uses all his resources and fighting skills to go against the mafia and find out who ordered Kim's murder. He remembers a boy named Jimmy (Dante Basco) who lived with Kim, and tries to find him to ask if he knows about the murder. However, Jeff's estranged younger brother Adam (John Dye), now also a cop, is investigating the case, and warns Jeff against trying to settle matters in his own hands. In his hunt to avenge Kim's murder, Jeff is approached by a mafia boss named Yung (James Hong) who claims to be Kim's friend and knew of a possible lead to Kim's killer. Jeff is directed to Sam, one of the mafia bosses in Korea town, who was believed to be the one who ordered Kim's death. However, upon breaking into Sam's residence and attempting to kill him, Jimmy appears to reveal that Sam was Kim's friend and was the one who took him in for protection. Jimmy also explains that Yung is the one responsible for Kim's death, and he was merely attempting to use Jeff as a weapon to kill his rival boss Sam. Jeff now plans to kill Yung, but Jimmy warns him that Yung is always protected by his hit-man Tanaka. In order to eliminate Tanaka, Jeff asks Jimmy to falsely testify (to Adam) that he witnessed Tanaka murdering Kim. The plan is have Adam arrest Tanaka so that Jeff can get Yung alone to kill him. Adam and the police eventually capture Tanaka after a long car chase, but to Jeff's dismay Yung was not in the car with him. Tanaka later manages to escape from the police by severely injuring Adam and breaking out of the police car.
Jimmy overhears that Yung plans to escape the country by boat, and tells Jeff about Yung's drug factory. Now further fueled for vengeance, Jeff sets out to attack Yung's drug factory, using his martial art skills and various weapons to defeat guards and hitmen protecting Yung. He eventually subdues Yung, but is attacked by Tanaka. Although Tanaka gains the upper hand during their fight, Jeff manages to kill Tanaka by setting fire to a gas tank he was standing next to. Despite initially wanting to kill Yung, in the end Jeff decides to capture him alive (showing he has learned self-control) and turns Yung in to his father, Captain Sanders. The film ends with Jeff entering the kenpo dojo to visit his former master.

About The Perfect Weapon Authors:

Delilah S. Dawson is a native of Roswell, Georgia, and the author of the paranormal romance Blud series for Pocket, including Wicked as They Come, Wicked as She Wants, and the upcoming Wicked After Midnight, as well as two previous Blud novellas, The Mysterious Madam Morpho and The Peculiar Pets of Miss Pleasance. She is also the author of the YA novel Servants of the Storm.

Link Download The Perfect Weapon PDF

Samsung Galaxy S 7 Blocking Messages

Samsung Galaxy S 7 Blocking Messages

Samsung Galaxy S 7 Blocking Unwanted Messages

Blocking unwanted messages Block messages from specific numbers or messages that contain phrases added to your block list.

Samsung Galaxy S 7 Blocking Messages Details :

  1. Tap Messages on the Apps screen. 
  2. Tap MORE → Settings → Block messages. 
  3. Tap Block list. To add phrases to block, tap Blocked phrases. 
  4. Tap INBOX or CONTACTS to select contacts and tap . To manually enter a number, tap Enter number, and then enter a phone number. 

Samsung Galaxy S 7 View Blocking Inbox Messages

When you receive messages from the blocked numbers or messages including blocked phrases, you will not be notified.

To view blocked messages, tap MORE → Settings → Block messages → Blocked messages.

  Read more on the manual on

Download iPhone The Missing Manual by David Pogue

Download iPhone The Missing Manual by David Pogue

Download The Missing Manual iPhone by David Pogue

Part 1, covers everything related to phone calls: dialing, answering, voice control, voicemail, conference calling, text messaging, iMessages, MMS, and the Contacts (address book) program. It’s also where you can read about FaceTime, the iPhone’s video-calling feature; Siri, the “virtual assistant”; and the surprisingly rich array of features for people with disabilities — some of which are useful even for people without them.

Part 2, is dedicated to the iPhone’s built-in software, with a special emphasis on its multimedia abilities: playing music, podcasts, movies, TV shows, and photos; capturing photos and videos; using the Maps app; reading ebooks; and so on. These chapters also cover some of the standard techniques that most apps share: installing, organizing, and quitting them; switching among them; and sharing material from within them using the Share sheet.

Part 3, is a detailed exploration of the iPhone’s third talent: its ability to get you onto the Internet, either over a Wi-Fi hotspot connection or via the cellular network. It’s all here: email, web browsing, and tethering (that is, letting your phone serve as a sort of Internet antenna for your laptop).

Part 4, describes the world beyond the iPhone itself — like the copy of iTunes on your Mac or PC that can fill up the iPhone with music, videos, and photos; and syncing the calendar, address book, and mail settings. These chapters also cover the iPhone’s control panel, the Settings program; Continuity (the wireless integration of iPhone and Mac); and how the iPhone syncs wirelessly with corporate networks using Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync — or with your own computers using Apple’s iCloud service.

Read More : iPhone 7 User Guide

Download iPhone The Missing Manual by David Pogue PDF EBook

You can’t believe how much is hidden inside this sleek, thin slab. Microphone, speaker, cameras, battery. Processor, memory, power processing. Sensors for brightness, tilt, and proximity. Fifteen wireless radio antennas. A gyroscope, accelerometer, and barometer.

 Download iPhone The Missing Manual by David Pogue PDF EBook

Download Samsung Galaxy S6 for Dummies by Bill Hughes

Download Star Wars Epic Creations & Seeds Minecraft by EpicGameGuides

Download Star Wars Epic Creations & Seeds

Download Star Wars Epic Creations & Seeds Minecraft by EpicGameGuides

Another space ship, the Radiant VII is a space cruiser used by the Galactic Republic. It is 115 meters long and has a top speed of 900KPH in atmosphere.

Download Star Wars Epic Creations & Seeds Minecraft by Epic Game Guides

Another legendary AT-AT Walker build. This one is 97 meters high and was created using over 35,000 blocks placed by hand.

Download Star Wars Epic Creations & Seeds Minecraft PDF by Epic Game Guides

Download Samsung Galaxy S6 for Dummies by Bill Hughes

Download Samsung Galaxy S6 for Dummies by Bill Hughes

Samsung Galaxy S6 for Dummies by Bill Hughes

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are powerful smartphones, perhaps the most powerful mobile phones ever sold. As of the publication of this book, the Galaxy S6s are the standard against which all other Android-based phones are measured.

Each cellular carrier offers a slightly customized version of the Galaxy S6 line-up. Some phones from cellular carriers come out of the box with pre-loaded applications, games, or files. Some come with accessories, such as a corded headset; others don’t. This book doesn’t dwell on these kinds of differences. 

At a more core level, these phones are built for high-speed wireless communications. The cellular carriers have spent kajillions upgrading their networks to offer more coverage and better data speeds than their competition. Again, this book doesn’t dwell on these differences in network technology because they don’t really make much difference (again, at least one engineering person at each cellular carrier is cringing as you read this).

Download Samsung Galaxy S6 for Dummies by Bill Hughes

Manual and Tutorial : Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Specifications 





Download Escaping Peril (Wings of Fire, Book 8) by Tui T. Sutherland

Download Wings of Fire, Book 8


Escaping Peril (Wings of Fire, Book 8) by Tui T. Sutherland 

At this school, you will be learning side by side with dragons from all the other tribes, so we wanted to give you some basic information that may be useful as you get to know one another.
Thank you for being a part of this school. You are the hope of Pyrrhia’s future. You are the dragons who can bring lasting peace to this world.

Description: pale gold or white scales the color of desert sand; poisonous barbed tail; forked black tongues
Abilities: can survive a long time without water, poison enemies with the tips of their tails like scorpions, bury themselves for camouflage in the desert sand, breathe fire

Description: thick, armored brown scales, sometimes with amber and gold underscales; large, flat heads with nostrils on top of the snout
Abilities: can breathe fire (if warm enough), hold their breath for up to an hour, blend into large mud puddles; usually very strong

Download Escaping Peril (Wings of Fire, Book 8) by Tui T. Sutherland 




Download The Skinny On Losing Weight Without Being Hungry

Download The Skinny On Losing Weight Without Being Hungry

Download The Skinny On Losing Weight Without Being Hungry

When people come to me, they are frustrated. They've been continually trying to shed pounds, yet their weight keeps going up, up, and up. Nearly every day one of them tells me, “I feel like I am losing my mind.” They've been insulted and humiliated by well-meaning friends who try to motivate them with tough love. Their family and friends insinuate that they just are not trying hard enough. Their family doctors have read them the riot act, saying things like, “Weight loss is important. If you don't get the weight off, you're going to have a heart attack.”

I tell these patients, as I'm now telling you now, that weight loss isn't about priorities, willpower, or wanting it badly enough. Rather, it's about biology. It's about your body and your brain and your hormones. You struggle with your weight because your weight-regulating system is busted. An area of your brain should act as a fuel gauge much like the gas gauge in your car. Instead of measuring the amount of gas in your car, however, it measures the amount of fat and calories in your body. Sensors in your stomach, intestines, and fat cells and elsewhere are supposed to relay messages to your brain, indicating how many calories you've consumed or how much fat is stored in your fat cells. However, these messages aren't getting to your brain, so the needle on your fuel gauge doesn't move and your gauge often reads “empty,” even when your stomach is full of food and your fat cells are overflowing with stored calories. The result: you feel hungrier and hungrier, even as you are gaining weight.

Here's more. When this naturally skinny woman does overeat—say she ignores that sensation of fullness and shovels in some dessert or an extra glass of wine—her brain responds. She feels less hungry at subsequent meals, so she automatically eats less than usual. Her muscles burn more calories to power her every movement, working inefficiently and wasting calories to create body heat. For this naturally skinny woman, the consequence of eating too much is not a larger clothing size or a higher number on the scale. It's that she feels hot when everyone else feels cold. That's why she can stand at the bus stop in the middle of winter without a jacket. Because of these strong, finely tuned, and effective signals, this naturally skinny woman's weight stays fairly constant without dieting, calorie counting, or portion control.

Download The Skinny On Losing Weight Without Being Hungry - The Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss Success by Louis J. Aronne Md (Author), Alisa Bowman (Author)

First Aid for the USMLE Step 1 2016 by Tao Le (Author), Vikas Bhushan (Author)

Download The Change Your Biology Diet The Proven Program

Download The Change Your Biology Diet The Proven Program

The Change Your Biology Diet The Proven Program PDF

Download The Change Your Biology Diet The Proven Program PDF

Following his plan can reverse this process. With the support of his extensive knowledge and the latest research, readers learn Twelve Breakthrough Strategies for Successful Weight Management, such as how the order in which food is eaten affects weight loss. He provides two different adaptable diets so that readers can personalize a program that works for them. There are meal plans, delicious recipes for protein shakes, soups, sauces, salad dressings, main courses, side dishes and desserts as well as three high-intensity workouts that require no equipment and can be done in less than ten minutes anywhere. Beyond diet and exercise, Dr. Aronne covers the most recent developments in weight loss medications and bariatric procedures. The Change Your Biology Diet provides readers with everything they need to know to lose weight successfully

Download The Change Your Biology Diet The Proven Program by Louis J. Aronne M.D., David Letterman