Download iPhone The Missing Manual by David Pogue

Download iPhone The Missing Manual by David Pogue

Download The Missing Manual iPhone by David Pogue

Part 1, covers everything related to phone calls: dialing, answering, voice control, voicemail, conference calling, text messaging, iMessages, MMS, and the Contacts (address book) program. It’s also where you can read about FaceTime, the iPhone’s video-calling feature; Siri, the “virtual assistant”; and the surprisingly rich array of features for people with disabilities — some of which are useful even for people without them.

Part 2, is dedicated to the iPhone’s built-in software, with a special emphasis on its multimedia abilities: playing music, podcasts, movies, TV shows, and photos; capturing photos and videos; using the Maps app; reading ebooks; and so on. These chapters also cover some of the standard techniques that most apps share: installing, organizing, and quitting them; switching among them; and sharing material from within them using the Share sheet.

Part 3, is a detailed exploration of the iPhone’s third talent: its ability to get you onto the Internet, either over a Wi-Fi hotspot connection or via the cellular network. It’s all here: email, web browsing, and tethering (that is, letting your phone serve as a sort of Internet antenna for your laptop).

Part 4, describes the world beyond the iPhone itself — like the copy of iTunes on your Mac or PC that can fill up the iPhone with music, videos, and photos; and syncing the calendar, address book, and mail settings. These chapters also cover the iPhone’s control panel, the Settings program; Continuity (the wireless integration of iPhone and Mac); and how the iPhone syncs wirelessly with corporate networks using Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync — or with your own computers using Apple’s iCloud service.

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Download iPhone The Missing Manual by David Pogue PDF EBook

You can’t believe how much is hidden inside this sleek, thin slab. Microphone, speaker, cameras, battery. Processor, memory, power processing. Sensors for brightness, tilt, and proximity. Fifteen wireless radio antennas. A gyroscope, accelerometer, and barometer.

 Download iPhone The Missing Manual by David Pogue PDF EBook

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